A.M. S.r.l.
introduces itself

A.M. S.r.l. is a single member company founded in 2008 by Andrea Piccolo, current Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company offers, within the facility management market, technological systems design, installation and maintenance services to companies working in the catering sector located throughout the national territory.

The core business of A.M. is represented by catering equipments and technological systems maintenance and installation (Equipment – EQ) and building maintenance (Construction – CO).

The continuous renewal of methodologies and technologies, the diversified professional and technical skills and the constant training represent A.M.’s main strengths.

The A.M. S.r.l.

A.M. was the first company to implement ANABASI as its Management Control software. Until 2016, the company used to create its economic and financial reports as Excel files. The main reason behind the introduction of such a web platform was the need to have an overview of indirect costs and their incidence on the managed contracts: «through ANABASI it was possibile to get an objective perception of the revenues per contract» (Andrea Piccolo, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors).

«ANABASI is an easy to use software that can give a vision as objective as possible of the company situation. Its implementation allowed me to monitor all the relevant economic and financial results (EBITDA, EBIT, Marginality, etc.) instantly, in order to be able to readily face crisis situations by implementing effective corrective actions» (Andrea Piccolo).

A.M. was Know To Manage's first Client: the introduction of ANABASI followed the detailed analysis of business processes, essential to identify the information needs necessary to make the decision making process effective and efficient.

The company, as of today, uses all available ANABASI modules; ANABASI Business Crisis was also recently implemented in order to monitor the warning indicators established by the new Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency.