introduces itself

BinHexS, IT services company, was born in 2006 from the idea of the founding partners to offer an innovative approach to traditional IT services delivery based on the application of few key principles:

  • Aiming for excellence in the provision of services to customers, regardless of the complexity and criticality of these services.
  • Creating an agile and flexible organization able to offer tailor-made solutions to cater for the specific needs of customers by encouraging, where appropriate, a creative approach in identifying solutions.
  • Carefully recruiting personnel with the appropriate skills and enthusiasm needed to reach such ambitious goals.

This has brought to a dynamic and ever-growing company, able to operate on technological infrastructures of all sizes


BinHexS decided to implement ANABASI in 2019. Before its introduction, the company used to work on Excel files by managing a large amount of data manually. This led to the creation of economic and financial reports that were unclear and often incorrect.

«We needed something that could allow us to be proactive: it was crucial that the new system could readily signal any critical situations in order to overcome them quickly. The introduction of ANABASI allowed us to speed up our work, make it more efficient and, mostly, reduce the incidence of errors» (Michele Seminara, Technical Director).

«We chose ANABASI because, in addition to the ease of use and the high quality of the reports generated, KTM consultants are very qualified and able to give a contribution on both managerial processes and technical aspects linked to the product development and maintenance» (Alessandro Pinciroli, Administrative Director).

As of today, BinhexS uses the ANABASI Sales, Financial Management and Management Control modules. During 2020 also the ANABASI Production module will be implemented to have a realistic vision of the work done, to identify the areas of inefficiency and the optimization opportunities in order to keep improving.