Salpa Special Food
introduces itself

Salpa Special Food is a leading Italian confectionery company, specialized in the production of ice cream cookies for more than 80 years. The company has then expanded its activities to the production of breadcrumbs, gluten free products, chocolate shells for the ice cream and yogurt industry and micronized thermo treated flours for food and cosmetic use.

In 2007, Cherubini industries opened to the gluten free market and began to produce gluten-free cookies for breakfast with a private label. In 2014, the company decided to launch its own gluten free brands, Kèlinea and Naturaline.

The production facilities occupy a covered area of over 24,000 square meters and are equipped with high technology plants and security and control systems, that track the various stages of the production chain.

The Salpa Special Food

Salpa decided to implement ANABASI in 2017. Prior to its introduction, the Company did not have a structured Management Control system but used to work on Excel files for the creation of specific reports.

«Given the strong economic growth of the Company over the past few years, we felt the need to introduce a structured Management Control system capable to monitor the different business functions so to identify critical areas and allow us to act promptly with corrective actions» (Stefano Cavallari, General Manager).

The introduction of ANABASI in Salpa followed the detailed analysis of the business structure and processes, with the aim of identifying the information needs to cover.

As of today, Salpa uses the ANABASI Sales, Financial Management, Management Control and Production modules in order to monitor all the strategic areas and constantly improve their efficiency.